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Wally Deane

A Born Rocker

Wallace Van Riper Deane

A Born Rocker


Born in Washington, D.C. May 15,1936 to John Wallace and Grace Talmadge Deane. John Wallace was from Baltimore Maryland and his mother Grace from Long Island New York. John Wallace was on assignment, working with the Washington Post at the time. Grace was studying at the Peabody Conservatory of

   Deane's Move South

In 1947 John Wallace moved to Miami due to health problems. He would set up a home for his family and soon moved the rest of the family to Miami. Wally was 11 years old at this time. Wally was then registered in school.


Cool Cool Daddy


Wally was a cool cool cat. In speaking with anyone who knew him, every one of them said "he was the nicest guy you ever met. Until you screwed him" I can personally attest to him being a standup guy and that's not because he was my father either. Over the years I cannot remember one time when he was mean or disrespectful to ANYONE! He was the type of guy that would give you the shirt off of his back. He was known to help the homeless and would bring home friends in need for a home cooked meal. Now, don't get me wrong! Dad was a nice guy until you backed him in a corner, then you had better watch out. Wally was a rather shy guy but was never shy around his family and friends and always showed his loving side. I have to admit my personality is very much like my dad's. I'm as cool as a cucumber until you push me. Well he really was a kind guy. He loved his dog too. Bert, that dog lived for a long time but he was a good dog if I do say so myself.    

A Chip Off The Ol' Block


All in the family

Wally grew up in a very musical family. His mother Grace came from a background of music as well. Grace was a classically trained pianist, organist and concert violinist. Many of her grandchildren are involved in music in one way or another. Three of Wally's sons are actively involved in music as well. Wally Jr. Is an active guitarist in a local band, Monty is and has been involved in many musical projects, concerts and recordings, playing guitar, bass, drums and is a quite an accomplished vocalist as well. John has played drums for a good part of his life and is seeking that great moment when stardom arrives, Aren't we all? Donald plays some guitar but loves to support his brothers music and is an active participant in those events.


Smart As A Whip


Wally began his education in 1942 at PS 11 Elementary School (Purvis J. Behan) in Brooklyn New York. In 1947 due to his fathers illness, they were forced to relocate to a more suitable climate and moved to Miami, Florida. Wally was then enrolled in Coral Gables Elementary School, graduated going to Ponce De leon Jr. High and then Coral Gables High. His living sister Deb tells us that Wally was very bright and would get B's without even studying. Wally dropped out of high school in the 11th grade to pursue his musical career. Going on the road at the ripe age of 15.


Wally's Girl


Wally was a ladies man. He loved women. And all kinds of women. In his travels and on tour, Wally met many women. Though his travels presented him a smorgasbord of lady persuasions. Wally was particularly attracted to a certain lady by the name of Judy Morton. Wally met Judy while in his first year at Coral Gables High. Although the two separated, temporarily and eventually married other people, the two had a magnetism that never ceased. I remember when the two of them would sing "Something Stupid" together. They were awesome and they reaked of love for each other. Judy was there when Wally passed away and she is still a special person in our lives. I love you Judy! 

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